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    Meet Team WFC @TGS

    Neeraj Tyagi

    Co-founder & CEO, WFC
    Co-Founder & Partner, Avinya Ventures

    Gaurav Singhvi

    Co-founder & CEO, WFC
    Managing Partner, Avinya Ventures

    Bhawna Bhatnagar

    Co-founder, WFC


    Vikas Aggarwal

    Co-founder, WFC


    Deo Saurabh

    Co-founder, WFC


    Rohit Mall

    Principal, Avinya Ventures


    CA Manish Rathi

    Vice President, Avinya Ventures


    Siddharth Dhasmana

    Head of Global Investment, WFC


    We Founder Circle Tech + Fund Ecosystem

    Investment Tech Platform
    Indian Angel Fund
    Global Angel Fund
    VC Fund
    Regulated Global Funds

    Be a part of our VC Fund

    Early Stage Venture Capital Fund

    Building India #No1 Community Focused VC

    Strong Community

    Access to private deals & quality referrals

    Value Creating strategy

    Fund Manager & Founders

    Strong startup ecosystem connections

    Differentiated Early Stage

    Strategy makes us preferred first-choice investor for founders

    Our deal curation approach

    Founder-Market Fit + Deep Values Add

    Easy Exits

    Diverse funding options and a large community aid Easy Exists

    Our Regulated funds

    Custom regulated funds for custom needs

    Global Funds

    Investment through regulated funds

    Investment Tech Platform

    We Founder Circle TECH & FUND ecosystem

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