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Avinya Ventures adds value to its portfolio companies in several ways. Firstly, each portfolio company is assigned a dedicated investment manager who provides hyper-focused support during the initial 18-24 months. This personalized attention allows Avinya to offer bespoke business support, one-to-one mentoring, and quarterly catch-ups.

Additionally, Avinya offers portfolio companies the opportunity to showcase themselves at various forums and startup exhibitions, helping to increase visibility, creating cross-selling opportunities between portfolio companies, LPs/VPs, and other key players in the startup community and brand building.

Finally, Avinya takes a highly programmatic approach to investor outreach and funnel management ahead of fundraises. This includes close collaboration with founders to access fundraising requirements, assemble plans, and manage outreach. Multiple vehicles are available to support startups in raising funds from seed to series B and beyond.

Overall, Avinya Ventures is committed to providing its portfolio companies with the tools and support they need to succeed, from personalized attention to access to high-quality resources and networks.

Avinya considers the founder's understanding of the problem they are solving, their expertise in their field, their execution ability, and their integrity. We believe that a strong founder is critical to the success of a startup, and therefore we prioritize investing in entrepreneurs who demonstrate these qualities.

Considering the market, we look for startups that are addressing a scalable and thriving market, with a product that has the potential for wide acceptance and product differentiation. We believe that investing in startups with strong market potential can lead to significant returns on investment.

Overall, Avinya is interested in startups where we can provide additional value beyond just financial support. We prioritize startups that we can support through community building and other resources to help them scale their business.

Avinya Ventures is an early-stage startup fund and typically invests alongside other VCs and angels. Avinya Ventures understands that early-stage startups often require multiple sources of funding to support their growth and development, and as such, we often co-invest with other investors to provide the necessary capital to these startups. By partnering with other investors, Avinya Ventures is able to leverage their expertise and resources to help support the growth of the startups they invest in. Additionally, co-investing allows Avinya Ventures to spread their risk across a portfolio of companies, reducing the potential impact of any individual investment.

As an early-stage startup fund, Avinya Ventures is sector agnostic and does not limit its investments to any particular industry or sector. While we remain receptive to exploring investment possibilities across various industries, our main emphasis is on eight key sectors: technology, Cleantech, healthcare, fintech, Agritech, consumer goods, SaaS, AR/VR, and others. Avinya Ventures primary focus is on identifying innovative startups with strong growth potential and providing them with the funding and support they need to succeed.

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Yes, you can submit an application to Avinya Ventures even if you already have funding from another investor. However, you should inform Avinya Ventures about your existing funding during the application process. Avinya Ventures may still consider investing in your company depending on their investment strategy and the terms of your existing funding. In any case, it is important to be transparent about your current funding situation and to understand how it may impact your potential relationship with Avinya.

As an early-stage venture fund, Avinya Ventures understands the importance of providing support and resources to the startups they invest in. We provide mentorship to help guide founders through the challenges of building a successful business. We share our knowledge to help our portfolio companies navigate everything from fundraising to product development.

We offer our global community of founders and strategic investors. Our network provides startups with access to a diverse group of mentors, potential partners, and customers. We believe that collaboration and connections are essential for success in the startup world, and we work hard to facilitate those relationships.

In addition to mentorship and community building, we also offer portfolio collaboration and corporate innovation. We believe that innovation happens best when companies work together, and we facilitate collaboration between our portfolio companies to help them achieve their goals. We also work closely with our corporate partners to identify new trends and opportunities in the market, and we help our portfolio companies to leverage those insights to grow their businesses.

  1. Value creation strategy: Avinya Ventures has a value creation strategy that goes beyond just providing capital to its portfolio companies. The fund works closely with its companies to help them grow and achieve their goals, providing them with operational, strategic, and financial support. Avinya Ventures reserves a significant portion of its capital for follow-on rounds, which allows the fund to continue supporting its portfolio companies as they grow.
  2. Fund Manager & Founders strong startup ecosystem connections: The fund manager and founders have strong connections within the startup ecosystem, which enables them to identify and invest in promising companies. This network also provides valuable resources and support to the portfolio companies.
  3. Differentiated Early-stage strategy preferred first-choice investor for founders: Avinya Ventures has a differentiated early-stage strategy that makes it a preferred first-choice investor for founders. The fund's approach to investing and value creation sets it apart from other funds, making it an attractive option for entrepreneurs.
  4. Our deal curation approach: Founder-Market Fit + Deep Value Add: Avinya Ventures has a unique deal curation approach that focuses on founder-market fit and deep value-add. The fund looks for companies that have founders with strong domain expertise and a deep understanding of the market they operate in. Additionally, the fund provides its portfolio companies with significant value-add, including access to its network, resources, and expertise.
  5. Strong Community access to private deals & quality referrals: Avinya Ventures has a strong community that provides access to private deals and high-quality referrals. This network includes entrepreneurs, industry experts, and other investors, providing valuable insights and resources for the fund and its portfolio companies.
  6. Investing in companies that have exit visibility: Avinya Ventures invests in companies that have a clear path to exit, which means that they have a strong potential to be acquired or go public in the future. This approach enables the fund to provide its limited partners with a good return on investment.

Avinya Ventures invests across all stages from seed to series C. We understand that startups require varying levels of funding at different stages of their development, and we strive to provide the necessary financial support to help them achieve their goals. We understand that businesses are at different stages when they approach us, ranging from prototype to pre-launch, launch, and even post-revenue Our investment strategy is focused on identifying promising startups with innovative ideas and a strong potential for growth, and providing them with the necessary resources to scale their businesses.

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